Three acres of prime land located at Tsunza Beach, positioned on the 1st row facing Mombasa Port (Kilindini), and with a direct transfer title deed presents an exceptional investment opportunity. Here are the key highlights:

Location: Tsunza Beach, with its proximity to Mombasa Port (Kilindini), is strategically situated for various commercial or residential developments. The first-row position facing the port enhances the property’s value and potential for diverse uses.
Size: With three acres of land available, there’s ample space for significant development projects, such as resorts, hotels, residential complexes, or commercial establishments.
Scenic Views: Facing Mombasa Port, the property likely offers stunning views of the port activity, the ocean, and the surrounding coastline, adding to its attractiveness for potential investors or developers.
Freehold Title: The property being offered as freehold ensures full ownership rights, providing buyers with security and flexibility in land usage and development plans.
Direct Transfer Title Deed: The availability of a direct transfer title deed simplifies the ownership transfer process, offering transparency and assurance to buyers.
Investment Potential: Properties in coastal areas like Tsunza Beach, especially those with proximity to major ports and tourist attractions, often experience appreciation in value over time, making this land not only suitable for immediate development but also as a long-term investment.
Development Opportunities: Given its size, location, and title status, the property presents various development opportunities catering to tourism, hospitality, commercial, or residential sectors.
Infrastructure and Amenities: It would be advantageous to highlight any nearby infrastructure developments, such as road networks, utilities, or amenities, that could further enhance the property’s value and accessibility.



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