**Prime Commercial Plot in Kimende Gathumuri Area**

🌟 Embrace this exceptional opportunity to acquire a prime commercial plot situated in the vibrant Kimende Gathumuri Area along the Nairobi-Nakuru Highway. 🏞️

**Key Features:**
🔹 **Strategic Location:** This plot enjoys a strategic location along the bustling Nairobi-Nakuru Highway, ensuring high visibility and accessibility. Whether you’re considering commercial villas, Airbnb accommodations, gas stations, or waterfront villas, this plot offers immense potential for various commercial ventures.

🔹 **Generous Size:** Spanning approximately 0.060 hectares (92 feet by 72 feet), this plot provides ample space for development while offering flexibility in design and utilization. Its dimensions make it suitable for a wide range of commercial projects, allowing you to maximize its potential according to your vision.

🔹 **Clean Title Deed:** Rest assured, this property comes with a clean and legally recognized title deed, guaranteeing a smooth and secure transaction process. With all legal documentation in place, you can proceed with confidence, knowing that your investment is protected and legitimate.

🔹 **Infrastructure and Utilities:** The plot benefits from adjacent electricity poles and the Limuru water pipeline, ensuring convenient access to essential utilities for your development projects. This infrastructure enhances the plot’s suitability for commercial development, providing the necessary resources to support your ventures.

🔹 **Development Potential:** With its prime location, generous size, and favorable zoning, this plot offers exceptional development potential. Whether you’re planning to capitalize on the region’s growing tourism industry or cater to the needs of commuters along the highway, this plot presents a lucrative opportunity for investors and developers alike.

🌟 Don’t miss out on the chance to secure this prime commercial plot in Kimende Gathumuri Area, offering endless possibilities for lucrative investments and business ventures.



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