A promising opportunity awaits with this 5-acre plot in Kirinyaga, boasting prime features and a strategic location:

– **Size and Location:** Spanning 5 acres and strategically located, this plot offers ample space and convenience. Situated just 1 km from the Embu to Nairobi highway, it enjoys easy access to major transportation routes, enhancing its accessibility and connectivity.

– **Riverfront Advantage:** The plot’s proximity to the River Rupingazi adds value and appeal, providing a natural water source for various purposes such as irrigation, livestock farming, or recreational activities.

– **Essential Amenities:** The presence of electricity and water infrastructure on the plot ensures convenience and facilitates development. Additionally, the inclusion of a water pump free of charge further enhances its utility and value.

– **Security:** With security being a crucial consideration, the plot offers peace of mind with its secure environment, allowing for safe and uninterrupted utilization.

This 5-acre plot presents an excellent opportunity for various endeavors such as agricultural activities, residential development, or investment purposes. Its combination of size, location, essential amenities, and natural advantages makes it a compelling choice for those seeking a promising property in Kirinyaga.



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