This sizable parcel of land, measuring 140 by 180 feet, presents an excellent opportunity for investment in Sameta Sub-county, Bobasi constituency. Here’s why it’s worth considering:

Location: Situated in Sameta Sub-county, Bobasi constituency, the land benefits from a strategic location with potential for both residential and farming purposes. Its accessibility ensures ease of transportation and convenience for potential buyers or investors.

Size: With dimensions of 140 by 180 feet, the land offers a generous space suitable for various development projects. Whether it’s residential construction, establishment of a farm, or both, the size of the land provides flexibility for different uses.

Ideal for Residential or Farming Purposes: The land’s suitability for both residential and farming purposes makes it versatile and attractive to a wide range of buyers. Whether you’re looking to build a home or cultivate crops, the land offers potential for fulfilling your goals.

Good Access: The availability of good access to the land enhances its value and appeal to potential buyers. Easy access to roads facilitates transportation of materials and goods, making development or farming activities more convenient.

Title Deed Process: While the title deed is in the process of being obtained, it signifies that the land is in the process of being legally recognized and documented. This ensures transparency and legitimacy in the transaction process, providing assurance to both buyers and sellers.



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