Title: Ideal Residential or Commercial Investment: 1/8 Plot Near Kaguru Shopping Centre, Nkubu


An exceptional opportunity awaits with this available 1/8 plot near Kaguru shopping centre, offering a prime location for residential or commercial development. Situated in close proximity to Nkubu DCC’s office, this flat plot spans approximately 0.049 hectares and boasts all essential amenities for comfortable living or successful commercial ventures. With a ready title and versatility for either residential or commercial use, this plot presents a lucrative investment prospect for those looking to capitalize on the thriving community of Kaguru and Nkubu.


Conveniently located near Kaguru shopping centre and just 100 meters from Nkubu DCC’s office, this 1/8 plot enjoys a strategic position in a bustling area of Nkubu. Residents or businesses will appreciate the accessibility to essential services and the vibrant atmosphere of the surrounding community.

Key Features:

Versatile Use: Whether you’re considering residential development or commercial investment, this plot offers flexibility to suit various needs and preferences. Explore the potential for constructing residential units or establishing commercial ventures in a high-traffic area.
All Amenities Available: Enjoy the convenience of all amenities being readily available, including water, electricity, and other essential services, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free living or business environment.
Flat Terrain: The flat terrain of the plot provides an ideal foundation for construction, simplifying the development process and minimizing costs associated with land preparation.
Ready Title: With a ready title in hand, prospective buyers can proceed with confidence, knowing that the property ownership is secure and the transaction process is streamlined.



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